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• Reputation for exceptional quality of precision machined & fabricated steel products 
West Palm Machining & Welding, Inc. has had a long history of providing quality products.  It starts from the proper selection
of only the best processes of manufacturing, and continues through our hands-on approach to deliver the customers products
on-time and precisely how it was ordered.

• Quality driven
• AWS Certified Welders
• 100% of materials have both quality and accuracy check.

• Bringing value to a project through quality and service
We understand that staying under budget is priority to all customers. That is why we strive to provide the greatest value to
any project or products and stay on schedule to ensure and maintain proper operations.

Specializing in same day emergency services is an attribute that we hold and have been providing since the
opening of our company. A service that not many companies in our industry can provide, and is one reason
why we have boosted past competitors.

• Family Owned and Operated  
West Palm Machining & Welding, Inc. has been under the same family ownership since our inception in 2003. We have a group of managers including our president who is very hands-on in their involvement in all aspects of this business. This provides us with better understanding of how we can approach new projects and come up with the best solution to have parts ready when needed. Our ability to be creative and solve problems is one of our greatest characteristics, customer satisfaction is our priority, and this is something that we aim to improve each and every day.